Rae Dunn

Lines include:

  • Indigo Dreams features shades of blue on bright white porcelain, evoking a summer night sky, exotic travels, and the tradition of the artisan.
  • Playful, simple, and graphic are what make these brush lettered words from Rae Dunn as essential everyday collection must have. Take a sip, have a taste, and nourish the body and soul with Rae's new Stem Print Collection.
  • French Dessert inspired by the shapes, colors, and sweet smells of all things dessert. This collection celebrates the sweeter things in life with a Francophile twist.
  • French Sketch Collection inspired by a trip to the South of France with sketchbook and watercolors in hand as seen through the eyes of Rae. Taken from the pages of her new book, this collection brings a bit of joie de vivre to your table and home. 
  • Glassware and Tin lines.