Let me Introduce myself

Hi Everyone,

I'm sure you have wondered who is behind Oh So Fancy Holmes Decor and I figured it was time to make myself known. My name is Kisha Holmes hence the spelling of Homes as Holmes in my company name. 

So a little more about me besides being a small business as owner.... I am a proud mama to 4 kids, I have a wonderful and loving fiancé who proudly serves in the military. We live in Northern California. My eldest is 13 and my only boy with my youngest is 2 going on 16. They keep me on my toes 24/7. I am all about my family and in the family there is never a dull moment. 

I started my business about 4 months ago and let me tell you, I have definitely stayed busy with trying to find products to sell, what web host to use, to how to set up my website,and should I open a b&m store or just go with an online store.  Well I opted for an online store and I participate in local vendor fairs to help get my name out there. Its been fun, tiring, nerve racking and worth it! I've learned so much and continue to learn and discover new things daily. 

My style can be described as eclectic. I'm kind of all over the place but it works for my family. My formal living room is vintage decor which is all mine. My family room is dedicated to comic books style decor that my kids love! My fiancé is all about Jordan, 49ers and Tarheels. My kitchen is a work in progress, I'm going for French Country look. You get the idea....eclectic. 

I decided I wanted to open a home decor and accessories shop that has a mix of styles that compliment each other. Vintage-inspired styles are constantly evolving and offers a broad enough market to appeal to many people like you and me. I know there are lots of home accessories shops out there but my goal is to provide my customers with items you won't find in stores. I want my items to compliment your style. If you see something online and don't know where to find it, let me know and I will see if I can get it in my shop or something similar. 

Stay tuned for more updates about my shop, my products, my events and I'll even throw in a few silly stories about my family. 


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